Promenade in the Gardens – Maison Martin Margiela

Modern perfumery fascinates me from time to time. I say this not to insinuate that modern perfumery is not capable of producing marvelous scents but because the mainstream has become sanitised with pretentiously flat perfumes presented with profound phrasings. It’s then not hard to understand why the era is deeply admirable when perfumes ads were drawn by Salvador Dali and perfume presentations were impeccable in crystal and silk, ribbons and all.

REPLICA is a perfume line by Maison Martin Margiela. Created on the basis of creating familiar scents from past eras. The concept is as novel and individual as Margiela’s design. Each perfume is given a location, a mood and a time in history.

Only here, we don’t need to debate if a beautiful boot with a gap in between the fingers is aesthetically pleasing or not. All of the perfumes released under this line are special in their own way.

Promenade in the Gardens is my very special, and most probably discontinued summer perfume. I bought my first bottle during one summer in Amsterdam with one of my best friends. That time along with what was happening in my life forever became engrained in this perfume. A bittersweet hazy summer memory.

The perfume was released in 2013. A chypre light in my opinion, the perfume is built around rose and patchouli. Throw in some green notes along with a feeling of dewy leaves. The perfume states its location as Oxfordshire, 1986. An English flower garden. The perfume translates this idea of greenery and lightly scented roses perfectly into its scent. It could be said that it’s quintessentially English – non-invasive and polite but it has the chypre edge. Gentle and profound.

At first reveal, PITG is green and sharp. Imagine powdered roses among freshly cut leaves. This feeling of petrichor is present – dewy drops on petals. Like the dry greenness of the perfume is moistened by the roses warmth and depth and the patchouli’s darkness.

Promenade reminds of vintage perfumes. Not a single perfume but a general mood of a vintage perfume – romantic, powdery and full of depth.

I reach for Promenade in the Gardens from time to time, knowing I have one bottle in my posession, not knowing of it’s definite fate.

Perhaps the Margiela touch in this perfume is that of being completely unique, smelling modern yet deeply nostalgic at the same time. A modern vintage scent. An anomaly in today’s perfume.

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