Diorella – Christian Dior

Diorella est un rêve du parfum.


At the time of yet another release by CD, I want to go back in time. I want to dose off and dream of the time when perfume really smelled, evoking scents not reminiscent of detergents and airsprays but of fantasy and places unmapped.

Diorella is what would be a classic chypre.  Fire & water. A contradiction so unique, you have no choice but to marvel in its existence.

A citrus and green smell at first spray, cologne-ish. Floral in a bit, jasmine and honeysuckle. And finally, woody and dense at the end, oakmoss – the best that ever was.

This rare art of balancing the two opposites is what makes Diorella pure magic in a bottle. It rides the fresh waves of the green and yellow right into the mossy forest along with the white petals of heady florals.

Nothing compares to you, Diorella.

Of course, Edmond Roudnitska crafted another juice, le Parfum de Thérèse which is a cousin of Diorella with fruitier edges and more heated vibrations created in the 1950s by the perfumer himself for his wife.

That’s what one should do for love, Natalie Portman. *wink*

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