Rush – Gucci

I have had such moments only a few special times – when perfume takes you to the past without your commence, without your initiation, with surprise and spontaneity.

These vapors of time past are completely incomprehensive in words but they reflect vivid images in the mind through olfaction.

After smelling Rush at a perfume counter, sprayed on my wrist, years and years since I had smelled it, I kept whiffing it as I travelled back.

Rush was the perfume of festivity around the time I was growing up in Lahore, circa 2002. Vignettes of cold winters warmed by outdoor heaters, women dressed to the nines swinging around in heavy fabrics, the feelings are bokeh and abstract but then, what is the past if not that.

This experience was purely nostalgic and in reminiscence. The other side of Rush unfolded as I bought one and spent some time with it.

Rush comes from an era of straight out and abrupt sex selling, 101%. Yet the perfume it shares the similarity with couldn’t hang with the same crowd even if it tried it’s hardest. That perfume is Mitsouko by Guerlain.

Both have a peach note which plays a vital role in eithers’ compositions.

While it plays out rather traditional chypre style in Mitsouko; citrus and fruity notes followed by mossy ones, Rush takes it to a weird, magical place where a sort of collage happens; the tradition is juxtaposed with milky, powdery, fizzy juices which makes Rush rush. 

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