Diptyque – Eau Mohéli

I had a wonderful dream.

But the next day I couldn’t remember any of it.

That is Eau Mohéli.

I wanted to ‘modernise’ my perfume tastes so I decided to sample every single one of Diptyque’s perfumes at the Galeries Lafayette counter in Paris. My interest was sparked by now defunct Youtube channel Katie Puckerik Smells where she raved about ‘L’eau Trois‘. Well, L’eau Trois didn’t exactly do it for me, it was supposed to smell sophisticated and high class, leathery and dark  but instead all I smelled was lab experiment. Noses indeed smell differently, yours, mine, their.

From all of Diptyque’s perfumes, Eau Mohéli caught my attention. It smelled like a few favourites of mine – Amarige and Ylang Austral, both by Givenchy Parfums. Of course, they share ylang-ylang as a dominant note. Along with pink peppercorn, some florals, ginger that is it for Mohéli. I was also pleasantly reminded of Twilly by Hermés because of the herbal ginger note.

Eau Mohéli opens beautifully and forcefully, with the yellow flower and ginger. Ylang ylang is known to be quite sultry yet the composition is quite watery so it never coils the air. The first few moments with it are very loving and nice. But then like the dream I can’t remember, I can’t help but think – Did I put on any perfume?

I happily bought my bottle of Eau Mohéli in eau de toilette (the only concentration it is available in). I was elated – this was going to be my scent during my vacation in the South of France. Reality hit hard when this broken beauty failed to stay anywhere for more than an hour. Not on my clothes. My wrists, neck, leather bag, not even my hair!

Lesson of the story: heartbreak is a given even in perfume relationships.

P.S my bottle’s logo was eroded by the amount of humidity in the South (!) and that cap is from Guerlain’s Le Parfum Terracotta, I didn’t like the plain black cap that came with the bottle.

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