Miss Dior – Christian Dior


Gorgeous advert right? The caption – misleading.

Miss Dior was launched in 1947 while I suppose Dior was hot following the reveal of the New Look. I find it funny when I let my nose take in all the glory of Miss Dior and figure out how Christian Dior himself viewed the woman who wore his clothes and what sort of a perfume went with them… compared to the plethora of Miss Diors released recently, which if he smelled, frankly he would say ‘NON!’ I agree. But then, if you really look carefully, today the advert rules the product. The budget rules the effect.

Miss Dior Parfum in her authenticity, is a big dose of patchouli and jasmine, hence I say the advert is missing the potions most dominating component. It’s almost narcotic in its composition, being smoky and dark and incensy all at the same time. Patchouli was monsieur Dior’s favourite ingredient and so, Miss Dior has as much as chemically possible stuffed in it. It seems even a bit like cannabis for a moment, but the wonderful art which perfumery is (or was) it never feels disgusting.


It’s a warm, heavy and delicious scent not for the faint hearted, ‘La vie est belle’ lovers. It’s raw, fleshy and dynamic.

In Eau de Toilette form, Miss Dior becomes more layered because the parfum literally uses three ingredients. In Toilette, the list grows a little including aldehydes and oakmoss! No narcotic feels here – just lovely oak moss and understated patcholi rule your nose. Woody wonderland!

My parfum is from the early 1980s. This identificaDSC_0183tion is easy to make with two steps. First, no barcode! Pre-barcode perfumes typically are from pre-mid 1980s and beyond. Second, the address used before the 90s started by Dior is 30 Avenue Hoche. Post 1980s, its 33.

The Miss Dior eau de toilette made famous by Natalie Portman is unfortunately nothing like the original Miss Dior here. This too has slipped into the abyss of ‘Wonderful perfumes discontinued!’. But it can be found online easily, not too expensive. The bottle itself is pretty enough to not let go.

I’ll follow up on Dior with the other siblings including Diorella, Dior Dior, & Dioressence.

Houndstooth engravings on the eau de toilette bottle.

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