Uninhibited ~ Cher

Have you ever come across a person  whom you haven’t ever even had the pleasure of seeing in person but the aura they project across is so enigmatic and transfixing that you cannot avoid the charm? Cher is one of those few people.


Well, in case you were wondering, Cher was one of the first people back in the day who released a namesake fragrance. But the thing is, hers actually smelled gorgeous and she admitted in 2015 that she still wears it in an interview – I wonder if she is on eBay looking for one all the time…

The name is Uninhibited and the tagline was ‘Bottled but not contained‘ which I think is so brilliant and describes the rebel that Cher is in a few words very nicely.

The perfume is very unexpected. Of course. Its the 1980s and nothing can be minimal. The dominating notes here are TOBACCO! and Vanilla. I was afraid I would have to say no once I smelled the tobacco and vanilla together but you know what, like Cher who is full of surprises, this perfume grew on me. The combination is of course not your typical feminine formula. It’s unique and its ‘Cher!‘.

I accessorized mine with a tassle from a Valentino bottle I had a few too many of.



This post comes at a time when Cher has just turned 71 and she is about to perform at an award show for the first time in a really long time. She makes you smile and feel amused whether she’s on stage or the screen.





Circa early 70s.  Beautiful woman…


P.S This thing came in EDT and parfum as far as I know. A lot of it is found online. I found my 1/2 oz bottle through a friend at an amazing rate because if you open ebay right now, type in ‘uninhibited cher’, you’ll know why I say that.

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